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Tarang Sanchar enters final lap and is due for official launch soon


Telecom Department’s portal Tarang Sanchar will be soon be active. It will give clarity to users at best. What exactly can users expect? It will let users check radiation compliance status of towers across the country and get a specific one tested by DoT on request and for a fee. It has entered the final phase and is due for official launch soon. The portal, which has been populated with data from 12.5 lakh base transceiver stations (BTS), will enable users to view tower-specific details such as the operator, the supporting technology (2G/3G/4G) and most importantly, if it meets electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) compliance norms.

The portal has been set up in close co-ordination with the industry. In case a subscriber wants to get a particular BTS tested by DoT to assess its EMF compliance level, the same can be done by putting in a specific request. There are two ways of testing. One is free testing and the other is a paid testing version. If the prescribed ceiling in a particular service area for testing of BTS has already been reached, the user can get the same tested by payment of a fee, most likely to be pegged at Rs 4,000. The fee is predicated on the fact that the testing process is elaborate, takes a few hours and involves technical capacity and manpower. The tower-specific data have been collated from all service providers and that the portal also represents a “green initiative” as the entire data will now flow from operators to the Telecom Department electronically. This may make things easier and compatible between service operators and Telecom Department.

Licensee is required to submit to the Term Cell an EMF self-certification for every BTS and the same is required even when there is any change with regard to any tower such as orientation or change in height etc. The portal will make the entire process online using digital signature and showcase Digital India and paperless activity. It promotes how India is taking steps toward a developed nation.

Source: Economictimes.Indiatimes.com

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