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A Complete Guide for selecting Industry specific Communications Solutions


What is communication? Let’s look at the importance of regular and proper interaction amongst the internal workers in an organisation. Since the time, humans were labelled as storytellers; people know that internal communication spells success for any industry. It is apparent that from writing letters to sending text messages; the tools and meaning of communication have received tremendous modifications. While talking about the communication devices, technology has developed from Analog to VoIP. The shifts have also changed the way entrepreneurs have to channelize budgets for investing in communication solutions.

Increasing utilization of VoIP technology has improved access to different communicating modes. By installing in an EPABX, enterprises can consolidate these and help employees minimize the struggle of working through multiple channels. Besides this, there are many facilities that any communication solution is designed to deliver.

Each feature has different application in every industry. Therefore, businesses have to be careful when looking for an office telephone system.

  1. Real Estate: The developers have to offer impeccable services to their clients for building a loyal customer base in this era of fierce competition. They have to get personally involved in all the aspects of property whether it is selecting the construction venue or deciding interiors of houses. They have different tasks to handle and at the same time they have to remain constantly connected with their customers as well. For smooth management of all the activities, realtors should invest in a hybrid communication solution that offers mobility and access to different trunks. The real estate developers can use the communication solution to send text as well as picture messages for promoting their properties and amenities amongst hopeful clients.
  2. Travel and Tourism: Since the demand of travelers keep on changing with time, agents need to keep themselves updated regarding the trends. They need to remain constantly connected with each other for discussing ways to offer enhanced experience to their clients. Tourists carry good reputation of the agency if they get to talk with the same agent every time. The agency owners can eliminate customers’ need of repeating their requirements by investing in EPABX telephone system that routes the call on basis of previous interactions. By using sequential ringing and group ringing feature of the PBX, the authorities can weave an improvised experience for their clients. Purchasing a PABX with a recording capability can help the authorities keep a track of the conversations and ensure quality of offered services.
  3. Hospitality: Hospitality is one of the most dynamic industries services are constantly evaluated on parameters of promptness and precision. To rest assured that the guests are served well, authorities need to build different departments which can take care of different aspects. The receptionists have to manage multiple tasks along with handling and transferring numerous calls to desired extensions. The hotel is also judged on its aesthetic value therefore, hoteliers need to invest in a solution that offers wireless connectivity between rooms and departments and consumes minimal space.
  4. Retail: Like hospitality, there are different departments in retail center where internal communication plays a critical role in ensuring proper supply chain management. The employees have to remain on move for promotion of their products and services. For retailers with branches across the globe, uninterrupted flow of information between offices and headquarter is important. To fulfill all the needs, authorities can invest in EPABX telephony system which brings different premises on the same IP network and is equipped with redundant power supply and processing units.

source: siliconindia.com

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