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How would Video Conferencing benefit creative entrepreneurs?


Why not use video conferencing to give your business an extra push? According to Forbes, entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed when they utilize the latest technology, and video conferencing offers a slew of features which, when applied to your creative business, can really boost many of the ways you and your team work together. Here area few ways in which using video conferencing as a business tool can help you, especially when you’re providing creative services for clients.

1.Cut down costs on Travel:  This is probably the biggest and most simple benefit of video conferencing. Eliminating the need for constant travel and other expenses associated with in-person conferences can be a financial lifesaver for your bottom line, especially if you’re trying to get your small business off the ground. Additionally, time you would spend on travel and setup is valuable working time lost.

2. Act as a positive tool to boost one’s morale: It’s important to have the proper balance between work and personal life, and being able to work and communicate from home can really boost the morale of your teammates and employees. Without the extra stress more focus can be paid to the work at hand, and concerns about missing deadlines and meetings will be lessened. For entrepreneurs and artists, the ability to work at home is a huge benefit, and you can make the most of it by utilizing video conferencing as your main method of communication. Consider it a valuable balance between professionalism and a casual work atmosphere.

3.Freely exchange ideas and views in real time: When you’re collaborating with a creative team, communicating through email or phone conference can be cumbersome and tedious without visuals to accompany what you’re discussing. Emails can flood your inbox and opening attachment after attachment can be counter intuitive as you lose track of the order of progress. A video conference for the purposes of brainstorming and sharing is the perfect way to get on the same page with your team and throw your ideas together while having a way to visually approach what you’re working on

4.Better Communication with Clients :If you’re working on a commission for a client and in the midst of design, what better way to share and discuss adjustments than via real-time video conferencing? If you have questions for your client or vice versa, or just want to get their choice when It comes to different options you’re offering, the solution is only a video meeting away. Share files and the progress of your work in real time to make sure you’re on target and delivering the best possible product to your client. Good communication goes a long way, and your clients will appreciate the ability to check in on and discuss what you’re creating for them.

5.Simplify the Hiring Process: Video conferencing allows you to interact with, collaborate with, and manage your co-workers and staff regardless of your respective locations. When you’re looking to build your team, you don’t want to have distance standing in the way of hiring that amazing artist you’ve discovered. Video interviews make it easier to hire new members of your team for creative collaboration.

6.Record meetings: One of the biggest advantages of a conferencing is the ability to record meetings, allowing both parties to be able to refer to it at a later time. When you record your calls, you can go back and check what went well and what didn’t. This might help you be able to secure a client or deal the next time around. If you make use of this service, you will also have a better grasp of all the details of a project. Another benefit of saving meetings is that you can help protect yourself from getting burned. In the event of a false complaint against your company, a saved meeting can help resolve this issue and show that the complaint is invalid or irrelevant.

7.Increase Productivity: By eliminating time and district barriers, meetings can be hold anytime, anywhere with anyone. In this way, meetings are shorter and more effective. And also with the rich collaboration tools, decisions can be made faster. It also gives the entrepreneurs a competitive advantage in the industry and new business opportunities.

Entrepreneurs around the world are quickly realising that video conferencing is not just a less expensive communication method, it is actually a better one – a method destined to change the face of business in the years to come.




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