Call Management Software

It is a Windows based Telephone call analysis software. It establishes communications with most of the PBX systems available in the open market. The computer needs to be wired to PBX permanently. This could be over office LAN in case of IP based PBX or a separate cable from serial/USB port of computer to serial port of PBX. Once activated, the software remains in touch with PBX and collects the call event information as soon as any call event occurs at any of the extensions or trunks. These events are processed and stored in the database instantly. The stored information can be retrieved for various purpose in an enterprise, such as cost analysis, resource utilization, traffic flow, attended – dialled or missed calls. The report can be seen extension wise, trunk wise or department wise for a specified period.

Call management is about making better use of the telephone to increase sales, to enhance customer relationships and to control costs. With the use of Call Management Software one has a dynamic real-time view of call activity giving you the ability to keep better track of where time is being spent and more importantly making your staff more productive and your business more profitable. Total screening of all call logs whether incoming or outgoing or missed is maintained, where reports can be customized as per requirement. It helps in giving an eagle eye view on the total telecom usage as per Extension Detail, Account Detail, Department Detail, Division Summaries, Call Volume By Hour, Most Expensive and Longest Calls, Most Number Of Calls Made Per Extension (Very Valuable to Telemarketing Sales Managers), Trunk Utilization Totals (excellent for ReConfiguring System Trunks), and Carrier Comparison ( which allows you to compare your phone bill with actual usage). SME and Large Corporates Companies that install call accounting software have experienced a 10%-30% reduction in telephone costs. Because employees know that call records are being maintained, employees make and receive less personal calls.

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