A wireless LAN allows you to connect your computer to the network without network wires. The entire team in the organisation can benefit by easy, convenient access to files, emails, applications once the wireless LAN has been deployed. One can connect computers as well as mobile phones to the wireless network which allows them secure access to the network resources from anywhere in the facility. A wireless LAN allows the entire organisation team to access critical information and the company’s important applications.

A separate type of access can be created for guests such as customers, vendors, contractors thus helping in differentiating by just providing internet access to them instead of the entire network. It even becomes a cost effective deployment as it does not require a lot of physical cable running the entire location, it is also easier to reach unreachable or challenging environments using wireless LAN deployment. Some of the uses in deploying a wireless LAN are increased mobility and collaboration, improved responsiveness, better access to information and easier network expansion.

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