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Corporate communication in the workplace boosted through Digital Signage


In busy times there are chances that we go for what is there on the display. For example, choosing your meal from a shiny digital signage menu board hanging above the cash counter in a fast food restaurant. We’re seeing digital signage pop-up in more and more places as the capabilities and efficiency of signage software grow and costs decrease. As an easy, effective way to share a message with an audience, many institutions are leveraging its reach. It’s being used by everyone from elementary schools, to banks, and we’re seeing more and more digital signage in corporate offices

Meeting Room Signage

Corporate offices are constantly caught up in the jumble of organizing meeting rooms. Clients and business partners alike are wasting hours trying to figure out if a meeting room is booked, when it will come free, or if the people who are supposedly occupying it will ever show up. But this chronic wild goose chase is being solved using digital signage.

Using digital signage, you can put up displays in front of every meeting room showing when the room is booked and when it will become free. This way people can easily see when and where they are able to book out a room for their next meeting, and if all goes well, maybe you could end up saving few bucks.

Office Communications

Modernize your office communications using digital signage to notify employees of events, workshops, maintenance in the building and even the most mundane information like the weather and traffic. Sharing information on office gatherings or birthdays not only up’s attendance, but it also boosts morale and in-turn, productivity.

Dashboard Signage

For a business to make the right decisions, they need to be able to back them by real data. They need to be able to track a KPI or key metric at a glance and know exactly how far they are from hitting it. Dashboard software is allowing teams to visually depict their performance through streaming kpi’s, key metrics, and any other relevant data in real time. Knowing how to define your organization’s KPIs, is just as important as sharing them.

The smartest decisions are undeniably the ones we can track and validate with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and key-metrics. In order to derive meaningful, actionable insights, this data needs to be communicated visually and immediately so that a team learns how to react to a change just as quickly as they see it come in.

Visibility of data all the time is an easy action towards transforming a business into a culture of constant learning and improvement. When a team can watch their progress each day, they can see the effect of changes they make to their strategy. This reinforces good decision making and motivates teams to move a metric through improvement.

Using performance dashboards, teams can customize data to show live charting, key metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s). They can also set up warning notifications- triggered by a falling target, so if the team is failing in any respect, everyone will know instantly. Sharing information with your team is easy but communicating the meaning and application through visual communication is the next best alternative in busy times!

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